Behind The Scenes This Winter

The Abbey may have closed for the winter period, but there’s a hive of activity going on behind our doors. From routine cleaning and putting the house ‘to bed’ for the next few months, through to redisplay work in our Gold Vault and Miniatures Case, our team have a busy few months ahead.

The Miniatures Case, located in the Dukes Corridor will contain a new display of Woburn’s miniatures collection. These objects were originally displayed in the Gold Vault, but are being relocated due to a rearrangement of the gold collection. When the Abbey reopens, in April 2014, visitors will discover more of the big stories behind some of the smallest items in the collection.

At the same time we’re renovating our Gold Vaults – home to some of the most precious items at Woburn Abbey. During the 2012-2013 closed season, the neighbouring Silver Vault benefitted from new cases, interpretation and lighting, and this year our plans are for a similar development for the gold displays.  The ceilings of the Gold Vault have already been painted and we are currently deciding upon the new colour and lighting scheme. We aim to find the right combination that will display the intricate detailing of the gold pieces in the most effective way.

Whilst this is all going on our Gardens and Deer Park are still open to visitors every Friday, Saturday and Sunday all the way through to Easter 2014. We are also welcoming a number of groups to the Abbey, booked on special out of hours tours that will give them a behind the scenes view of the workings of a historic house. If you would like to bring a group for this unique experience, please see our Group Visits Page for more information. 

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