'Spectacular' New Entrance

Upon arriving at the entrance of Woburn Abbey itself, you will now be greeted by a fantastic new landscape, the Grotto Garden.

The Grotto Garden is an interpretation of our 1661 plans when the Abbey, was indeed an Abbey. This is the earliest recreation of a previous garden, going back into Woburn Abbey Gardens to date. Many may remember this was previously, just a lawn area. 

The Grotto Garden features new pathways to give the visitor a different perspective when entering the Abbey and of course the stunning Italian Cypress 'Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis' a pencil style conifer, really gives the garden a formal, yet welcoming feel.

John and Elaine Snugg (Pictured), regular visitors to Woburn Abbey & Gardens' were among the first visitors welcomed at Woburn Abbey and Gardens today, for the start of our new season. 

John and Elaine's first impression of the Garden was that is was 'a lovely formal, yet elegant garden' and thought it was a 'vast improvement'. John liked the pathways, he liked how the 'metal edging was curved and could see a lot of work had gone into it'. Elaine commented on the Italian Cypress and said 'the trees are just spectacular'.

They proceeded to add 'this garden really enhances the visitor experience and we can't wait to come back in May/June time when it becomes more established' 

The Grotto Garden will be officially opened at this year’s Woburn Abbey Garden Show on Saturday 27th June 2015 at 3pm by Her Grace, Duchess of Bedford. You can purchase tickets online here.

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