Discover The Gold Vaults

In early 2013, we reorganised and redecorated our Silver Vaults to improve this room of the Abbey for our visitors. This year we tackled the Gold Vaults, giving the cases a new backdrop and grouping the objects in new ways.

We've added a green velvet backdrop to the cases to make it easier to view the objects on display and installed new interpretation panels to help you understand the fascinating history of these items from our collection. Our maintenance team has been busy as the ceiling has been freshly redecorated as well. You can now take in over four centuries of English silver-gilt objects, alongside Continental European and Asian metalwork.

Image for Discover The Gold Vaults The Reform Cup

Take a moment to marvel at the Landseer Dish, a tribute from the 6th Duke to his beloved elder brother and learn the history of The Reform Cup, presented to Lord John Russell in recognition of his contribution to the Reform Bill of 1832. See if you can spot the bracelet given to Duchess Anna Maria by Queen Victoria and worn by the Duchess in her portrait in the Duke’s Corridor. Find out more about our silver and gold on our collections pages.

We’d love to hear what you think of our newly redesigned rooms. Use our contact page to let us know your feedback or leave us a review on TripAdvisor or Facebook. 

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