A very special Woburn Wave-away

At Woburn Abbey & Gardens we are proud to be able to offer that extra personal touch to our groups visits.

When a group departs, our award-winning Groups Co-ordinator Lisa Weaver waves the coach away. This ritual has now become known as the ‘Weaver, Woburn, Wave-away’

Last week we were able to give one of our groups a very special goodbye. The Beenham Friendship Club from Berkshire travelled to Woburn Abbey on a Weaverway Travel Coach. This meant that they received a Weaver, Woburn, Wave-away on a Weaverway Coach on a Wednesday!

Image for A very special Woburn Wave-away

Lisa Weaver commented; ‘The group and the driver thought it was really funny and we’re pleased to have their wave-away picture taken’


For details on group visits to Woburn Abbey and Gardens visit www.woburnabbey.co.uk/groups or call us on 01525 292101 or email lisa.weaver@woburn.co.uk  

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