The Woburn Abbey Gardens Team

Woburn Abbey Gardens are managed by an award-winning team of RHS-trained gardeners and support staff. Pictured right, the team includes:

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  • Ann Birch - Assistant Gardener/Grower
  • Tom Abbott - Head Gardener Bedford Estates London
  • Brian Read - Travelling Gardener
  • Ben O'Connor - Travelling Gardener
  • Matthew Catling - Head Gardener -  Woburn Safari Park 
  • Jessica Dewett - Assistant Gardener/House Plant Technician
  • Tom Bassett - Travelling Gardener
  • Martin Towsey - Estates Gardens' Manager
  • Douglas Francis - Deputy Head Gardener
  • Buster Yirrell - Enclosure Groundskeeper
  • Sean Pudsey - Assistant Gardener
  • Jo Wright - Garden Sales and Social Media Coordinator
  • Andrew Grout - Head Gardener Woburn Abbey Gardens
  • Stuart Singleton - Journeyman Gardener
  • Chantal Leotaud - Assistant Gardener

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Image for Meet the Gardeners Guided Tours Are Available on Event Days

Garden Tours

A variety of garden tours are available for pre-booked groups  and guided by one of our RHS-qualified, award-winning team. We have also prepared a number of podcasts for you to download to your mobile phone or MP3 player. Enjoy these as you walk around the garden at your own pace. 

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Image for Meet the Gardeners Learn New Skills At Our Come And Grow Events

Study Days 

Check out our Events page for details of the various study days we run throughout the year. Our RHS-trained gardeners utilise their many years of horticultural expertise to teach new skills to participants and develop exitising knowledge. 

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Events & Exhibitions

Image for Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2020

Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2020

Celebrating the intrinsic relationship between humans and horticulture, the theme for this year’s Garden Show is The Plant Connection. Taking place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2020 in beautifully landscaped gardens, the show promises to be the highlight of the horticulturalists’ calendar.