Image for The Aviary The Aviary As Shown in Hortus Woburnensis

Golden Pheasants, Budgies and Quail

There was no physical evidence of the original Aviary, which was constructed in 1805, as it had been cleared during the war for easier maintenance of the gardens. The restoration of the Aviary in 2011 aimed to make Woburn Abbey Gardens more family friendly, as the birds appeal particularly to our younger visitors.

This illustration of the Aviary and the Cone House shows two little cottages either side of the Aviary structure. These would have been home to the keepers who managed the menagerie of animals that were kept in this area. This was the forerunner to Woburn Safari Park. 

Image for The Aviary The Aviary Under Construction

Aviary Reconstruction

The Aviary was returned to Woburn using etchings and descriptions of the building from an historic book about the Gardens called Hortus Woburnensis. The Aviary was reconstructed with a frame made of green oak.

During the reconstruction a time capsule was placed in the roof of the structure which included photos of the Gardens Team, the Duke and Duchess and their children, and a newspaper from the day of completion. The Aviary is now home to our birds, including golden pheasants, budgies and quail.

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