Image for The Camellia House The Interior of The Camellia House

A Segmental Conservatory

Jeffry Wyatt, later Sir Jeffry Wyatville, was first employed by the 6th Duke to build a cottage on his Devonshire Estate at Endsleigh. In 1822, he then came to Woburn Abbey and added a segmental conservatory to, what is now, The Sculpture Gallery. This conservatory became the Camellia House.

After the Abbey and Gardens opened to the public in 1955, this space was originally out of bounds to the public. However, after restoration in 2008, it is now open for visitors' enjoyment with the exception of when it is booked for a private event.  

The Camellia House is available to hire for small cocktail parties, AGMs and other functions and is often used for wedding parties to take their photos in inclement weather. For more information please contact the Gardens Team on 01525 290333.


Image for The Camellia House The Camellia House Being Renovated

Camellia House Restoration

A few years ago all of the beds were planted with camellias, with the ones in the centre beds dating from approximately 1980. Based on historical records, we know this is not how it would have been during the 19th century.

To restore the space the Gardens Team cleared the centre beds and pruned back the original camellias in the side beds.  The centre beds were then planted with species collected for the 5th & 6th Dukes of Bedford by plant collectors such as Hooker, Banks and Bartram.

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