VIP Carriage Tour and Alfresco Dining Experience new


Celebrate your Special Occasion with a Woburn Carriage Tour and your choice of brunch, lunch or Duchess Anna Maria Afternoon Tea in the Park.

We are now taking reservations for a new venture at Woburn, a Carriage Tour and Alfresco Dining Experience. With a horse drawn carriage, outdoor barbecue with Chef, and either brunch, lunch or Afternoon tea in the Park, this is a unique and exciting way to enjoy a family celebration, a special occasion, or just for fun!

Image for VIP Carriage Tour and Alfresco Dining Experience

The carriage can seat up to 6 people and the tour and picnic barbecue will last for approximately 3 hours. You will weave and wind your way around the award-winning landscapes, taking in the stunning views of Woburn from the comfort of your private carriage.

For further information and availability, please contact Susan Richmond on 01525 290333, or email