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The Woburn Abbey Deer Park covers over 3000 acres, making it one of the largest private conservation parks in Europe. Within the park there are nine free roaming species of deer numbering over 1200 individuals in total. Whilst the Red and Fallow Deer are native to the UK, the other seven species originate from Asia – including the extremely rare Milu (also known as Pere David’s Deer).

Join the Deer Keepers for a 1.5 hour tour of the Woburn Abbey Deer Park where you will able to get up close to the beautiful deer. In groups of up to 25 people, you will be guided by two of our experienced and knowlegeable deer keepers, who will tell you more about these deer, their habitat and behaviours whilst taking you off-road in a tractor and trailer across the Deer Park.

Image for Off Road Deer Park Tours Photograph Supplied by one of last year's tour guests

October is also the breeding season (the rut) for many species, with dramatic clashes between stags to win dominant control of their herds. For you to encounter these magnificent animals as close up as possible, the deer keepers will take you into areas of the Deer Park closed to the public. This is the perfect opportunity for keen photographers to take the ultimate picture.

This year the tours will be on the following dates:

Tours dates for 2019
Friday 4th October 7.00am
Saturday 5th October 7.00am and 4.30pm
Sunday 6th October 7.00am and 4.30pm

Friday 11th October 7.00am
Saturday 12th October 7.00am and 4.30pm
Sunday 13th October 7.00am and 4.30pm

The early morning tours aim to catch the sunrise and the late afternoon tours aim to catch the sun setting over Woburn Abbey Deer Park.

The tour includes travel around Woburn Abbey Deer Park in tractor and trailer. Tours will go ahead in all but the worst weather. Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear and remember to bring your own camera and binoculars.

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£30.00 per person

To find out more and to reserve your place

Telephone: 01525 290333 ext 2262


Limited availability, bookings taken on a first come, first served basis. Dogs are not permitted. No children under 12 years.

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