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Explore Woburn Abbey Deer Park

You can take in the scenery as you drive through on your way to the Abbey and Gardens or enjoy a walk on one of the public footpaths. Dogs are allowed in the Deer Park but must be kept on a lead at all times as they can endanger the deer and themselves.

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Nine Species Of Deer

The Park is home to a total of nine species of deer. As well as our famous Pére David's Deer, visitors should keep an eye out for Sika, Axis and Barasingha, as well as the rare and shy Rusa Deer. You may also see small Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer roaming individually.

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3,000 Acre Conservation Park

At 3,000 acres, Woburn Abbey Deer Park is one of the largest conservation parks in Europe and home to over 1,200 deer. The Dukes of Bedford have played a critical role in conserving several critically endangered species of deer including the Milu or Pére David's Deer.

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An Historic Deer Park

The Woburn Abbey Deer Park was established before 1661 and was home to herds of Red Deer and Fallow Deer. The 11th Duke of Bedford had a keen interest in zoology and collected over 42 other species to add to these previously established herds at the end of the 19th century.

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Events & Exhibitions

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Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2020

Set against the stunning backdrop of Woburn Abbey and within 42 acres of Abbey Gardens, "The Gardener’s Garden Show" offers one of the best locations of any show in the UK.
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Woburn Abbey Garden Show - VIP Enclosure Upgrade