The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia

In 1988 the late 14th Duke of Bedford suffered a stroke. His life was saved by prompt and highly skilled surgery, but he was left for many months with a severe disturbance of his speech known as Aphasia. With the help of intensive speech therapy, he slowly began to recover, but always experienced difficulty accessing the words he needed or wanted to use.

Why the Charity was Founded

The 14th Duke's experiences at the time of his stroke left him in no doubt about the difference that continual speech and language therapy made. He also became aware of the lack of help available to sufferers of Aphasia in this country. To support other people with the same condition, the 14th  Duke of Bedford founded the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia with the aim of ensuring that more people could have access to the quality of treatment he received.

To find out more about Aphasia and the Charity, please follow the link below:

> The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia

Events & Exhibitions

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Carriage Tours with Afternoon Tea

Step back in time at Woburn Abbey with a horse drawn carriage tour along the tracks used by the Dukes of Bedford since the 17th century. This unique, unforgettable experience begins with welcome refreshments and a fascinating talk about Woburn's bygone era.
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Off Road Deer Park Tours

Tours dates for 2020 will be posted when we have further instructions from the Government regarding Covid-19.