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The 11th April has arrived and after a few last minute finishing touches, "Valiant Hearts" is ready to receive its first visitors. Spread across two spaces, you can see a whole host of original artefacts, replica objects and fascinating uncensored letters from our Archives in the display located in the Abbey Entrance. Head up to the North Court and you will find out more about the Bedfordshire Training Depot and Woburn Military Hospital. Discover how the volunteers trained and imagine how they cooked on a large Soyer stove.

Here are just a few photographs of the displays - come and see them in detail for yourself this summer! The image to the left shows some of the cases located in the Abbey entrance.

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From the bright scarlet uniform of a recruiting sergeant to this display of recruitment materials, this area sets the scene for the exhibition by telling the story of how soldiers came to enlist at Duke Herbrand's Bedfordshire Training Depot. 

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With a soldier's kit roll, a large and robust Soyer stove and the Quartermaster's Store to visit, next you can imagine what life was like for the soldiers in training at the depot. 

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Enter the command centre dugout and see some of the memories of home that soldiers would have taken with them to the Front. 

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Emerge into this bright and peaceful area, where you can find out more about the Woburn Military Hospital and the role Duchess Mary played throughout the war. 

Pippa Gardner

Woburn Abbey Marketing Executive

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