'Valiant Hearts' Exhibition Under Construction

Our Property and Maintenance team have been hard at work for the last month turning one of the rooms in the North Court into a purpose built exhibition space for Valiant Hearts. New walls have sprung up, a dugout has been installed and a light and airy hospital space has been recreated. The images below show the work in progress.

Image for 'Valiant Hearts' Exhibition Under Construction 29th January 2014

A series of partition walls have been built to create different spaces. Visitors will enter an introductory space, telling the story of the Ampthill War Memorial, before exploring the Bedfordshire Training Depot, the Front line and the Woburn Military Hospital.  

Image for 'Valiant Hearts' Exhibition Under Construction 14th February 2014

Some of the materials used in the construction of the dugout have been recycled and collected from local sources. The door to the dugout was formerly a changing room door at the Ridgmont swimming pool. 

Image for 'Valiant Hearts' Exhibition Under Construction 25th February 2014

A series of hand painted signs will guide visitors on the route around this exhibition. These signs are based on fonts, colours and phrases from the period. Members of the exhibition team have made regular site visits to see the progress of construction in the space and to plan out where interpretation panels and other objects will be placed. 


Pippa Gardner

Woburn Abbey Marketing Executive

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