World War I Characters Bring Exhibition to Life

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, from the 18th – 21st April, our Valiant Hearts exhibition was brought to life by a host of World War I characters. On each day these soldiers demonstrated equipment, uniforms and weapons from the period and answered a wide range of questions. The selection of photos of the event on this page were sent to us by Roy Backhouse of Backwoods Photography. 

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The visiting troops brought a range of historical weapons including a display of rifles and even a machine gun for the inquisitive public to examine.

Our youngest visitors had a chance to try on replica uniforms for themselves, allowing them to see how comfortable they might have been and how much room would have been allowed for growth whilst training. At Bedfordshire Training Depot, new volunteers would be given a uniform with four inches room to spare to allow for growth due to a rigourous training programme and a high calorie diet!

In addition to the Soyer Stove - which would of been used to cook the meals at the training depot and whilst fighting - visitors could see a range of original food packaging from World War I. Some brands and products are very similar to what we have on our supermarket shelves now and others are much more unfamiliar. 

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If you missed the historical characters last weekend, there are plenty more chances to meet them at events taking place in May and August.

From the 3rd to the 5th and the 24th to the 26th May, our exhibition will be home to a soldier from the Western Front and a Nurse working in Woburn Military Hospital. Take a look at our forthcoming events for more information or book your tickets!


Pippa Gardner

Woburn Abbey Marketing Executive

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