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Guided Tours are a fantastic way to learn more about Woburn Abbey and Gardens, the family history and the collections, offering an entirely new perspective on the experience. The following guided tours are available in 2017.  

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Woburn Abbey

Abbey Tour: Discover more of the history of Woburn Abbey, hear stories about the family and uncover the background to some of the most famous collections in the world.

Tours last approximately 1½ hours.

Special Interest Tour: Tailored for groups with an interest in a particular collection or historic aspect. 25 minute talk with the standard guided tour. Popular choices include the Canalettos, Sèvres porcelain and silver and gold collection.

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Woburn Abbey Gardens

Gardens Tour: Find out about the plants, trees and features of the private and public gardens with one of our experienced guides.

Repton’s Red Book Tour: Explains in detail Humphry Repton’s theories, processes and achievements at Woburn.

Behind the Scenes Tour: Covers how the team care for the Gardens all year round, the plant nursery, compost plant, restoration projects, ‘tricks of the trade’ and the tool shed!

Hortus Woburnensis Guided Tour: Follow the historic route of James Forbes (head gardener to the 6th Duke) as illustrated in the book of Hortus Woburnensis 1833.

Tours last between 1½ and 2 hours and are on foot. Mobility buggies are available for hire free of charge, please advise upon booking (limited availability).

Woburn Safari Park

Safari Park Guide: Book a Ranger to join you on your coach to tell your group all about life at the Park and the animals on the Safari Drive. The drive through the reserves takes approximately one hour.


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