The Kitchen Garden

Image for The Kitchen Garden The Completed Kitchen Garden

Fruit and Vegetables

Woburn Abbey's traditional Kitchen Garden is located ½ a mile away from the house and is a total of four acres in size. Visitors regularly asked where it was so the Gardens Team decided to construct a small Kitchen Garden within the 28 acres of the main Woburn Abbey Gardens for visitors to experience and enjoy.

The chosen site lent itself to the task as three sides are an existing wall with the remaining side made up of a yew hedge. This space now shows the varieties of fruit and vegetables that would have been grown at Woburn around 1890 and the space is used for our master classes and guided tours. The family regularly use produce from the garden with the rest being used by the The Duchess' Tea Room.

Image for The Kitchen Garden The Kitchen Garden Under Construction

Kitchen Garden Construction

The construction of the Kitchen Garden was completed in 2011 and today it is flourishing with a bounty of edible produce. Wander amongst the beds of herbs to smell their wonderful fragrances.  


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Events & Exhibitions

Image for Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2018

Woburn Abbey Garden Show 2018

After the huge success of the 2017 Garden Show this June we are pleased to announce that tickets can now be purchased for the 9th Woburn Abbey Garden Show taking place on 23rd and 24th June 2018. Set against the stunning backdrop of Woburn Abbey, ‘The Gardener’s Garden Show’ offers visitors one of the best location of any show in the UK, taking place within the 42 acres of Abbey Gardens.