Garden Safari Week - August

Garden Safari Week - August


Calling all Garden Explorers! Come and join us on our Garden Safari this summer holiday.

This is a week full of exciting activities aimed at children aged between 7 and 12 yrs. The focus will be on exploring Woburn Abbey Gardens, learning about the plants, history and inhabitants. Mornings will be full of fun activities, with afternoons of thrilling adventures. This brand new children’s experience is not to be missed!

Children can choose to come for one day or for the entire week. They will experience an exhilarating array of opportunities to explore and enjoy Woburn Abbey Gardens, learning the skills to discover and identify plants and wildlife within their own gardens.


Planned itinerary for the week: 10am-3pm everyday

Monday: Bees and Bugs.
We will investigate the lives of bugs and bees, we will learn how bees make honey and visit the hives in the garden. In the afternoon we will go out for an adventure in an area of the estate normally off-limits to visitors, to discover the lives of bugs in the wild.

Tuesday: Plants
Discover and identify plants and flowers in our gardens and why these are important to us. Our afternoon adventure will take us into the Evergreen woods to discover plants and flowers in the wild and we'll see what mysteries can be uncovered....

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Wednesday: Tracks
Find out what types of tracks animals leave behind and learn how we can leave behind tracks in our 'Tracking Treasure Hunt'. We will use our newly learned skills to discover deer tracks and tracks of other wildlfe in the grounds of Woburn Abbey. Will you be able to spot the difference between badger tracks and bunny tracks?

Thursday: Trees and Dens
Discover the different habitats wildlife create in our environment and we will create 'hotels' for our local creatures. There will be den building with wood and anything else we can find, you'll be an expert den builder by the end of this day! Will we be able to find hidden habitats in the Evergreen woods?

Friday: Birds
We will be creating bird gliders and investigate how birds fly. We'll go on a bird spotting adventure and try to find them in their natural environment, be on the look-out for the majestic kites. We will present our finding from the week to our parents and guardians and end the week with a closing ceremony.

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Tickets cost £35 per day or £150 for the whole week. 

All explorers will be issued with a full Kit List upon booking.

Please ensure all participants bring a packed lunch; water and snacks will be on offer periodically throughout each session. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. 

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please contact Jo-Anne at or on 01525 290333.

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