Woburn Abbey Venison for Sale

Woburn Abbey Venison for Sale


From November 2016 until February 2017 The Duke of Bedford is once again offering the opportunity for you to buy venison of the highest quality directly from Woburn Deer Park.

The deer roam freely over 3,000 acres of mixed traditional park land, enjoying a stress-free life and are primarily grass-fed.

Until recently, Woburn Deer Park have exclusively supplied their highest quality venison, as whole carcasses, to selected local butchers and the only Michelin starred restaurant in Bedfordshire, Paris House.

Historic 3,000 acre deer park

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Home to deer for more than four hundred years, we have nine species of nearly 1,500 free-roaming deer and are renowned as one of the most important and influential deer parks in the world.  The welfare, health and husbandry of the deer are of the upmost importance and is a priority for our full-time professional deer managers, Dan and Martin.






Your venison options

Image for Woburn Abbey Venison for Sale Each contains an assortment of cuts of venison including roasting joint, sausages, burgers, steaks, medallions, mince and diced venison
Number of boxes Contains Cost
One box

Approximately 25 individual meals (a quarter carcass)

£90.00 per box
Two boxes Approximately 50 individual meals (a half carcass) £150.00 for two boxes (saving of £30.00)
Four boxes Approximately 120 individual meals (a full carcass) £270.00 for four boxes (saving of £90.00)


Working with Best Butchers at nearby Great Brickhill, we are producing three size options.  Each contains an assortment of cuts of venison including a roasting joint, sausages, burgers, steaks, medallions, mince and diced venison.  

These are fresh raw meat prodcuts.  They must be kept chilled in a fridge or freezer on day of collection.

Inspired by the flavours of this lean, red meat Paris House Chef Director Phil Fanning has exclusively created three delicious gourmet dishes for you to try at home – Venison Patty, Venison Casserole and Roast Venison Haunch.   The recipes are included with each order.

Order today and collect direct from the Estate Larder

For more details and to place your order please telephone Diane Willison, Deer Department 01525 290333 (Monday to Friday) or email  venison@woburn.co.uk

Payment to be taken prior to collection via telephone.     Due to selective culling there may be a waiting period of up to 15 days after payment has been taken before collection.   Collection of your venison boxes will be between 10 am and 12 noon on Saturdays only from the Woburn Estate larder.     

The number of venison boxes for sale is limited to 100 boxes.


Skilled in animal husbandry

The full and slightly gamey flavour of the meat is due to the natural lifestyle of the herd with grass the staple diet.   The herd does have supplementary food during the winter to ensure they are kept in the best possible health.   

For the quality of the venison and the health and stability of the herd, our deer keepers use their skill in animal husbandry to cull deer during the winter months.   The selective culling is carried out ethically and humanely within the park.   The venison for sale is from prime 18 month old animals and is the perfect balance of size and age to produce the highest quality venison.  All the items are prepared, dated and vacuum-packed by a licensed butcher. 

If you have any queries regarding the husbandry of the animals please do ask.

Image for Woburn Abbey Venison for Sale Martin and Dan, Woburn Abbey Deer Keepers