The Beauty of the Deer Park

Woburn Abbey Deer Park covers 3,000 acres and is home to nine species of deer making it one of the largest private conservation parks in Europe. You can take in the scenery as you drive through on your way to the Abbey and Gardens or enjoy a walk on one of the public footpaths.

Dan DeBaerdemaecker - Deer Manager

  • Discover our Species

    The Deer Park is home to nine species of deer, the Red Deer and Fallow Deer which are native to Britain and seven other species which originally came from Asia. Woburn Red Deer are known for their incredible antlers. 

  • Conservation Work

    At more than 3,000 acres, Woburn Abbey Deer Park is one of the largest conservation parks in Europe.  It is a sanctuary to more than 1,200 individuals from nine species, including the critically endangered Pére David's Deer.

  • Our Deer Farm

    The world renowned Woburn Abbey Deer Farm was set up in 1993, with a long term vision to maximise the potential of the Woburn Red Deer genetics. The Red Deer from Woburn are known for their incredible antlers.

Events & Exhibitions

Image for Woburn Abbey Venison for Sale

Woburn Abbey Venison for Sale

From November 2016 until February 2017 The Duke of Bedford is once again offering the opportunity for you to buy venison of the highest quality directly from Woburn Deer Park. The deer roam freely over 3,000 acres of mixed traditional park land, enjoying a stress-free life and are primarily grass-fed.